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    2020-06-21 16:32:53| 來源: 內蒙中公教育



    9. Many a player who had been highly thought of has _____ from the tennis scene.

    A. disposed B. disappeared C. discouraged D. discarded

    10. We apologize for any inconvenience this ______ you.

    A. may cause B. to cause

    C. to have caused D. would have cause

    11. He was such a _____ speaker that he held our attention every minute of the three-hour lecture.

    A. specific B. dynamic C. heroic D. diplomatic

    12. Every culture has developed _____ for certain kinds of food and drink, and equally strong negative attitudes toward others.

    A. preferences B. expectations C. fantasies D. fashions

    13. So far, _____ winds and currents have kept the thick patch of oil southeast of the Atlantic coast.

    A. governing B. blowing C. prevailing D. ruling

    14. The new appointment of our president ________ from the very beginning of next semester.

    A. takes effect B. takes part C. takes place D. takes turns

    15. As a scholar of high ______, he made an indelible contribution to the development of modern physics in China.

    A. attainments B. merits

    C. achievements D. accomplishments





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